Welcome to Brain Injury Matters (BIM)

Brain Injury Matters Inc (BIM) facilitates self-advocacy and community education for people living with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). BIM is currently organising events and improving this website to better deliver these services.

We aim to:

  • help people living with ABI to realise potential for a full life within a supportive community.
  • increase community awareness about ABI.
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About Police Checks

About Police Checks

A police check is an official background screening process that is conducted in a view of determining whether an applicant has been involved in criminal acts in the past or not. Past criminal records that are taken into consideration include convictions, criminal proceedings, and arrest. Applicants who are found to have no criminal past are often issued with police certificates. These documents are sometimes referred to as certificates of good conduct.

Police checks are often carried out for a number of reasons. Sometimes, you might be required to produce this document when applying for certain jobs, which require applicants to have an unblemished past. Before obtaining visas, or when immigrating to some countries, you might also be asked to produce police checks, which ascertain that you are not a security threat. Besides this, there are employers who often ask their employees to produce these documents impromptu. This highlights why you should always have it at your disposal.

Getting Police Checks

Conducting fingerprint checks is the commonest way of obtaining a police certificate. This involves comparing your fingerprints with a main record database in a view of establishing whether you have a criminal record. In most countries, an applicant needs to obtain his or her full fingerprint set from the local police department. This original set is thereafter attached to the filled-out application form.

There are two ways that you can use to submit your police checks at Police Check Express. The most preferred method is online application. However, there are places that you might be forced to present a downloadable form. Such forms are often filled out online before they are downloaded, printed and thereafter, submitted via mail. For you to receive a police certificate, you need to ensure that you pay the necessary application and facilitation fees.

Important Notes about Police Checks

Applicants cannot fail or pass police checks since they are only required to submit their fingerprints. It is the national criminal records that are checked. No investigation or assessment is conducted to ascertain the validity of an applicant’s criminal past. Applying for a police check does not mean that your criminal record will be subsequently monitored. Police certificates are only applicable during the period within which they are issued.